Teacher Directory

Thank you for visiting the Taylor teacher/subject pages.

Welcome to Taylor. Below is a list of our teachers by grade level or subject area. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates at this login.  To contact a teacher, please search our staff directory, or click on the teacher's name to email. 


Mrs. Blencowe
Mrs. Caiazza
Mrs. Kinney
Mrs. Shannon

First Grade

Mrs. Wittmeyer
Mrs. Revenew
Ms. Rivoli
Second Grade

Mrs. Price
Mrs. Casler
Mr. Szulgit

Third Grade

Mr. Bombay
Ms. Bruer
Mrs. Mellon

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Monnier
Mr. Savino
Mrs. Zimmerman
Fifth Grade

Mrs. Benson
Miss Comanzo
Mrs. Pettis

Special Subject Areas


Mrs. Broussard
Mr. Rhodes
Computer Lab:
Mrs. Crumb
Mrs. Paul
Ms. Bonny
Physical Education:
Mr. Pursel
Ms. Joseph
Schoolwide Enrichment:
Mrs. Crumb
Student Support

Consultant teachers:

Mrs. Blossom
Mrs. Fousse
Mrs. Napper
Mrs. Tallman
Occupational therapy:
Ms. Ward
Physical therapy:
Ms. Haffey
Mrs. Hathaway
Mrs. Moyer
Mrs. Richardson
School Counselor:
Mrs. Messner
School Psychologist:
Mr. Platt
Mrs. Morales