Reading Center

Welcome, parents and guardians.  As the reading teachers at Terry Taylor Elementary School, we have found that teaching your children is an amazing job and a continually satisfying personal experience.  We are dedicated to helping our students fully realize their potential and develop a lifelong love for reading.  Working together, we can achieve this goal!   


Here are a few ways you can help at home:

-Read every day with your child, and share each page.

-Make it a fun experience.

-Select books on subjects of interest to him/her. 

-Read both fiction and non-fiction materials.  This can include books, magazines, comics, sports cards, recipes, directions, etc.

-Choose books that you enjoyed as a child.

-Ask questions pertinent to the story.

-Ask your child to predict what he/she expects will happen (first, next, last) in the story.

-End by asking your child to summarize the story.

-There is a connection between reading and writing.  So include writing in a journal.  

-Visit the library


Together we can provide an appropriate learning environment and achieve success in enhancing the reading capabilities of your children.

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Reading is Fun