Teacher Directory

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Welcome to Taylor. Below is a list of our teachers by grade level or subject area. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates.  To contact a teacher, please search our staff directory, or click on the teacher's name to email.

Mrs. Monnier
Mrs. Caiazza
Mrs. Kinney
Miss Cunningham
*Kindergarten and First Grade
Remote Learning Teacher

First Grade:
Mrs. Blencowe
Mrs. Revenew
Miss Tedesco

Second Grade: 

Mrs. Price
Mrs. Casler *
Mr. Szulgit
* Second and Third Grade
Remote Learning Teacher
Third Grade: 
Mrs. Wittmeyer
Mrs. Mellon

Fourth Grade:

Miss Bruer
Mrs. Pettis
Mr. Bombay
Mrs. Zimmerman*
*Fourth and Fifth Grade 
Remote Learning Teacher

Fifth Grade: 
Mrs. Benson
Miss Comanzo
Mr. Savino

Special Subjects:

Mrs. Broussard

Mr. Rhodes

Computer Lab:
Mrs. Crumb

Mrs. Paul
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Ms. Bonny

Physical Education:
Mr. Pursel
Ms. Joseph

Schoolwide Enrichment:
Mrs. Crumb

Student Support: 

Consultant teachers:
Mrs. Blossom
Mrs. Fousse
Mrs. Napper
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Mrs. Tallman
For more information on Math Intervention Services Click Here

Occupational therapy:
Ms. Ward
For more information on Occupational Therapy Click Here

Physical therapy:
Ms. Haffey
For more information on Physical Therapy
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Mrs. Hathaway
Mrs. Moyer
Mrs. Richardson
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School Counselor:
Mrs. Messner
Counselor's Corner Click Here

School Psychologist:
Mr. Platt
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Mrs. Morales