About Terry Taylor

Terry A. Taylor
Terry A. Taylor

A superb musician, a caring role model, a talented teacher leading his students to learn more and more about music and more and more about themselves.

 Terry graduated from Livingstone College in North Carolina.  In 1969 he was involved in a student teacher exchange that brought him to Spencerport.  After graduation, Terry accepted an offer of a teaching position at the Town Line School.  Over the course of his career, he taught in almost every school in the district.  In 1981 Terry left Town Line to begin work at the high school level.

 In 1987 Terry was nominated for the Olmstead Prize for Excellence in Secondary School Teaching.  Terry became 1 of 4 people in the nation to subsequently receive this award.  In 1991 he received the Disney American Teacher Award for the Performing Arts.  The occasion included a Disney-sponsored trip to California for the Spencerport High School Band where they performed as part of the awards ceremony.  Terry was also President of NYSSMA, the New York State School Music Association.

 Terry was a gentle man and a gentleman, fiercely devoted to his music and his students.  His commitment was extraordinarily deep and his commitment was endless.  He was one of those rare teachers who could command a room with a whisper.  Terry never raised his voice to a student.  He never needed to.  His students did what he asked them to do because they believed in him.

 Terry A. Taylor, a local hero, died on February 25, 1994 after an extended illness.  On November 20, 1994 the Town Line School was officially re-named the Terry A. Taylor Elementary School to honor a beloved educator.


YouTube Video of Disney's American Teacher of the Year Award:
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