Teacher Directory

Thank you for visiting the Taylor teacher/subject pages.

Below is a list of our teachers by grade level or subject area. Please visit the respective teacher's Schoology page for specific classroom updates or to contact a teacher.

Cyber security for school districts has become a larger concern as cyber-attacks on school districts have increased across the country. In order to help protect SpencerportCSD, we have removed the vast majority of email addresses and the staff directory from our website.

If you cannot find a teacher or contact in Schoology, please reach out to the main office. Thank you for your understanding!

Mrs. Caiazza

Ms. Easton
Mrs. Feligno
Mrs. Kinney
Mrs. Monnier

  First Grade  
Mrs. Blencowe
Miss Hustak
Mrs. Joslyn
Mrs. Revenew

  Second Grade  
Mrs. Falker
Mrs. Price
Miss Sinclair
Mr. Szulgit

  Third Grade  
Mrs. E. Benson
Ms. Blakley
Mr. Bombay
Miss Coyne

  Fourth Grade  
Mrs. Pettis
Mr. Prevosti
Mrs. Zimmerman

  Fifth Grade  
Mrs. Benson
Mr. Savino
Miss Suveges
Mrs. Wride

Teaching Assistants
Mrs. Borraccia 
Mrs. Ebertz
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Twohig
Mrs. Taylor


Mrs. Broussard
Mrs. Heath
Mrs. Jacobs

Mrs. Heberger

Mrs. Paul

  Music (instrumental)  
Mr. Rhodes

Ms. Bonny

  Physical Education  

Miss Joseph
Mr. Pursel
Mr. Woodworth

Mrs. Messner


Mr. Platt

  Speech Pathologist  
Ms. Morales

  Physical Therapist  
Mrs. Morris

  Occupational Therapist  
Mrs. Traynor

  Consultant Teachers  
Mrs. Blossom
Mrs. Fousse
Mrs. Napper

  Reading Interventionist   
Mrs. Hathaway
Mrs. Moyer
Mrs. Richardson

  Math Interventionists  

Mrs. Casler
Mrs. Tallman

  MTSS Coach  
Mrs. Mellon