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Thursday November 15, 2018

It is a D day


For all Mock Newbery Club students:  

 We will meet in the library today from 2:50-3:05.  Please be on time and bring your laptops, your notebooks, and your books.  Remember, all Mock Newberians – go to the library at 2:50 today for our meeting.



Have  a  wonderful day!

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    A few words from Mrs. Zimmerman

    While reading the intriguing book, Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, my students worked closely with Mrs. Cook's special needs class to learn about her students' personality traits, challenges, and needs. Following our work together, a group of students gave a presentation to the entire school during our Rachel's Challenge assembly which allowed them to introduced each of Mrs. Cook's students. The children enjoyed learning about how special each of her students are. What makes them so special is what they CAN DO despite their disabilities. What they accomplish on a daily basis is remarkable! What fascinated my students the most was that her students are learning some of the same things we are learning, too! The assembly was very heart-warming and concluded with my class, Mrs. Cook's class, and Taylor's Troubadours singing a beautiful song together. There was "HEARTLY" a dry eye in the place!